The deal has been signed. What next?

As the EU-Turkey agreement is to come into effect on Sunday, we’d be well advised to keep our eyes on the islands. All arrivals will get detained, I’m pretty sure, and then have to wait for two weeks (until April fourth) for deportations to start.

1. We need to make sure that everyone knows they have a right to apply for asylum and appeal if they get denied.

2. We need to make sure that detention conditions get documented, because they are sure to become very bad very quickly.

3. We have to find out what the legal process on the islands will be, because at the moment it is completely incapable of dealing with this number of requests.

4. It might be worth setting up contacts with refugees on arrival or in detention to hear what happens to them after deportation.

5. Many things are supposed to happen before Sunday, to make the deal at least look legal. What will happen with the refugees that are there now, or arrive before Sunday? Those who are on the islands might want to check that out, and also how things change and what personnel gets brought in.

If you are on the islands and want to join a communications group, send me an email:

The deal has been signed. What next?

4 thoughts on “The deal has been signed. What next?

  1. Correct me if I seem harsh, but I thought that the leaders of the EU had brains to solve difficult problems. Do you think that this EU agreement on paper will actually work with the multitude of displaced people? I am writing this from Winnipeg ,Canada, so maybe you see it clearer on the ground being near the border?

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